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To help increase social distance and stop the spread of COVID-19, many cities and countries are decreasing or shutting down public transportation. Now is the time to adapt existing infrastructure to support our communities. Via’s technology and operational expertise can help develop safe, reliable, and efficient transit — smart solutions built for critical workers and essential services.

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Optimizing your transit network.


Strategies for existing systems.

We’ll work with you to optimize your transit network for emergencies. Together, we can assess how to operate an existing fixed-route service, when to temporarily replace it with an on-demand or pre-scheduled one, or how to optimize the use of surplus vehicles and operators as a result of current circumstances.


Transport for essential workers.

Essential employees — healthcare, government, and delivery workers — still need to get to work in order to help those who are in need and at risk. Our technology can shape transit systems into dynamic operations that help provide safe transport to critical employees, with transit to and from approved work places, with other approved passengers.


Supplies and necessary resources.

As the world adapts to this temporary new reality where most people stay home and maintain social distance, the need to safely get essential goods and services to the population is ever-growing. Goods and services that travel to the individual can include: grocery and food deliveries, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, and necessary medical appointments.

Safe, efficient, and flexible transit options.

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A flexible system and software design.

  • Adaptable.
    Our technology can help you service your community during these critical moments, with transit to and from approved work places, as well as transport of essential resources like food and medical deliveries.
  • Easy-to-use.
    Set up a system that manages a diverse vehicle fleet from different operators, all in one system, with a driver app that can work on various devices, including phones with limited performance. A rider app for booking rides in advance or in real-time, as well as phone bookings.
  • Data-enhanced.
    We’ll provide you with a full suite of administrative tools so you can track how your service is meeting the needs of multiple organizations, essential businesses, and critical workers as changes take shape in your area.
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Utilizing existing resources and transforming essential services.

  • Efficient.
    We will work with you to leverage current surplus vehicles or operators’ resources for dynamic, on-demand or pre-scheduled transit to address critical mobility needs while adapting to new safety requirements.
  • Flexible.
    Assess how frequently your fixed-route service should operate to fulfill critical trips for vulnerable populations or key personnel, and identify which routes can be temporarily adjusted or replaced with an on-demand or pre-scheduled service.
  • Supportive.
    We will help you evaluate optimal zones to operate an on-demand or pre-scheduled service and guide you through recommended service parameters.


Responding to COVID-19: How to optimize transportation resources during emergencies.

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For a company like Via that seeks to imagine and help implement the optimized transport networks of the future, this is the perfect time to be putting its technology to use and seeing what it can do to help cities react to the crisis as it evolves, including as we eventually move beyond it.”

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