Faster, more intuitive GTFS management.

Are you using Excel or cumbersome software to make changes to your GTFS feeds? Sending it to your software provider and waiting days — or weeks — for changes to be made? There’s a better way: Remix’s GTFS Publisher.

New FTA regulations require agencies to publish and maintain GTFS data, a critical capability that builds rider trust and increases ridership — when done right. Remix’s GTFS Publisher provides user-friendly tools that are seamlessly incorporated into your existing planning and scheduling processes. Update your feeds in minutes.


Own your GTFS

Remix’s GTFS Manager serves as a single source of truth for your fixed route system. Save time, headaches, and consulting costs with easy to use, self-serve tools that let you update your feeds while planning and scheduling your services, all in one place.


Get set up with expert support.

Our dedicated GTFS experts will work with you to import your existing lines and clean up the data, as needed. Current Remix customers can simply use their existing projects to create their feeds!


Edit routes

Make adjustments to multiple service periods at once.

Quickly adjust route alignments, create detours, manage stops - and apply changes to multiple service periods at once, saving time and reducing errors. For network redesigns, simply develop your new system in a separate sandbox project, and import directly into the GTFS Publisher when it’s ready for implementation.


Adjust timetables

Keep things on time.

Tweak your timetables so riders know when to catch their bus. Remix's new timetables allow you to edit trips in bulk, add exact headways, and build different frequencies for different patterns. These new capabilities help you plan as precisely and efficiently as possible.


Assign service periods

Select your service periods (even complex ones!).

Last minute detours, holiday service reductions or school service changes are no longer a hassle! Our intuitive calendar-based view lets you instantly create, assign, or remove service for specific dates with ease.


Validate and publish

Instantly share Google-ready updates with riders.

Easily address any outstanding issues like missing ID’s, then hit “publish”. Rider applications like Google Maps and CAD/AVL systems will automatically receive the latest version of your GTFS. Your riders will have access to the latest routes and schedules, keeping them informed and ready to ride.


Want additional resources for GTFS?

Download the guide for the latest GTFS requirements and read how an agency in VA brought GTFS in-house.


Need a refresher on what the new FTA requirements mean for your agency?

Compare multiple approaches to meeting the data requirements to decide what works best for your team and riders.

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Case Study

Curious to see GTFS Publisher being used in the wild?

Read how an agency in Va. uses TransitTech to easily fulfill FTA data requirements.

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