GTFS Reporting Requirements

Your guide to the FTA's new GTFS requirements

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When the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed in November 2021, headlines focused on the unprecedented scale of the new transit investment. But the Act did far more than lay out new frameworks for distributing funding: it also laid out new requirements for agencies, particularly around data collection, intended to strengthen the nation’s digital transit infrastructure alongside its roads, rails, and bridges. As an added benefit, transit riders across the country will be able to access transit network information and trust its accuracy — leading to a better transit experience and greater transit use. 


But therein lies a problem. Sixty-five percent of agencies do not currently maintain GTFS documentation to the government's new standards. In this guide, we review the various ways your agency can go about maintaining static GTFS documentation — whether you've been doing this for years but want to simplify the process, or if this is the very first time your team will be embarking on such an endeavor.