A unified transit platform.

Public transit is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation. Cities and transit agencies are looking for ways to increase ridership while reducing costs, making sure public transportation is efficient, and accessible to all types of riders.

But running multiple services for different riders with distinct requirements can be a challenge — an integrated approach to transit helps maximize investment and drive optimal outcomes.

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Via’s Integrated Mobility Solution

With Via’s Integrated Mobility Solution (IMS) you can combine multiple transportation modes in a single platform. You’ll no longer need to deal with an array of software providers to manage your services, nor with the added spend and inefficiencies. An integration between your microtransit, paratransit, fixed routes, or any other service, allows you to share resources — vehicles, drivers, dispatchers, and support centers — among modes to cut costs, improve utilization, and create a better experience for dispatchers and riders alike.

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A peek into the most flexible platform.

A deep dive into Via’s IMS solution.

For planners and schedulers

Design, evaluate, and collaborate on your transit plan.

Design your fixed routes by simply drawing on a map. Our Remix planning platform will quickly calculate the cost, fleet size, and impact on your community of any route you and your team map out. And as you explore new options, we’ll show the tradeoffs so you can make smart and informed planning decisions optimized for equity, accessibility, and other key factors.

Implement your plan with the easiest, most advanced scheduling tool.

Take your transit plans from vision to implementation with Remix Scheduling and implement upstream changes, adjust details as needed, and respond quickly to feedback. Remix Scheduling’s intuitive and visual approach on blocking, runcutting, and rostering, makes it easy to see how trade-offs impact the core of your network: drivers and riders.

For dispatchers

Monitor (all) your services in real-time. In one place.

Easily switch between services by toggling on/off simple filters and watch service zone maps, parameters, and live rides seamlessly update to reflect the selected service visualization. No need to change software and learn how to navigate new platforms to operate different modes.

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Dispatchers Image

Managing — and sharing — your vehicle supply made easy.

With all your services in one platform, you have full visibility into your complete fleet. Easily plan driver shifts, whether same-day or in advance, with the option to share vehicles between services to minimize idle time and improve utilization.

For drivers

Improved driver experience with a unified app.

A unified driver application means a seamless experience for drivers as they transition between modes and types of rides. With clear in-app icons and specific communications for each service type, you can swap drivers dynamically between modes to address real-time demand. Plus, it translates into less time and fewer resources spent training drivers in different software.

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For riders

The real meaning of sharing.

Sharing is at the forefront of Via’s mission. It makes transit more affordable, efficient, and environmentally responsible. With an integrated network, sharing can also happen between modes. For example, an NEMT rider and a microtransit rider can be grouped into the same vehicle to improve system utilization and efficiency, and still receive the communications and experience relevant to their unique trip type.

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A smooth and tailored rider experience. One app, multiple use cases.

Riders can be eligible for one or all of your services, and dispatchers can make eligibility changes with just one click. Riders can also use just one app (or one booking call-in line) to gain visibility into all available trip options for which they are eligible, and a single support center. The Via platform will instantly identify their profile (and adjust the service zone, wait times, and booking option) instead of having them switch between booking modes depending on their use case.

Are you ready to optimize your transit network?

As you think of new ways to take your transit network into the future, we are ready to partner with you and help you make your operations simpler and more efficient while keeping your budget in line.


How to efficiently manage all your services in one network.

Via’s IMS solution has endless benefits for agencies, operators, and riders. Learn more about how it can help your team optimize your transit network.


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