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Care starts before you get there.

Flexible, reliable, and tailored transportation for PACE programs.

Accessible transportation improves health outcomes. At Via, we partner with hospital systems, clinic networks, PACE programs, insurance plans, NEMT operators, and government agencies to safely transport patients, reducing barriers to care for the most vulnerable populations. We know the value of independence, and the very best of our technology and operational know-how can help PACE programs deliver a high-touch transit experience their members can depend on — a critical part of ensuring seniors can remain in their own community.

A bespoke transportation service for your program.

Via designs, builds, and operates turnkey transportation solutions. Whatever you need, we can supply: Trained drivers, accessible vehicles, helpful customer support, sophisticated technology — all from one easy-to-use platform that can reduce wait times and transportation costs, allowing you to direct these savings towards improving care for your members.

A transformative experience.

Your service should be as simple to use as possible. That’s why care teams can book rides through an intuitive online portal, reducing the time it takes to schedule appointments. Care teams will have the ability to book recurring or single trips in advance or on-demand, while trip reminders and alerts are sent automatically to every member via text or phone call.


A human touch.

Drivers are critical links between members and the care team, and we provide them with the training and tools they need to shine. Through our intuitive app, drivers are able to view or send custom notes about each member they care for. Compassion is always central to our service, so members can travel with added peace of mind.

Game-changing technology.

Our automated scheduling system adapts in real time to delays, no-shows or cancellations by sending notifications and reassigning rides. It also adjusts routes in response to new ride requests, same-day trip changes, and live traffic — tech that translates to fewer missed or late appointments, increased efficiency for PACE centers, and a stress-free ride for your members.

My driver had a great sense of humor and made me feel at home while carefully avoiding potholes in the road. She was aware that I’m in a wheelchair, just recovering from multiple spine surgeries.” 

Spotlight on safety.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world to reevaluate everything we know about health and safety, especially for our most vulnerable populations. From data to support contact tracing to vehicle cleanliness, we have the technical knowledge and operational expertise to develop a service equipped to handle this new reality.

You can rely on us.

Create a service your staff and members can trust. With continuous updates and clear visibility on the status of their assigned vehicle, members can wait in the comfort of their homes. With access to performance data, PACE programs will be empowered to work with our team to constantly improve and adjust service.

My experience with the Via app has been a very positive one. The algorithm logic of matching riders along the same route is largely more efficient. I have driven with Via for over 3 years in New York City and almost 1 year in Newton, MA. It’s a more efficient way to travel.”

A technology and operation makeover for your PACE network.

NewMo: A success story.

For Newton in Motion (or NewMo) in Massachusetts, we designed, launched, and now operate a custom on-demand transit service for exclusive use by the city’s senior population.

In collaboration with Newton’s Senior Center we:

  • Hire all drivers and train them to provide high-touch support.
  • Provide all phone support and our operators receive senior sensitivity training, including the understanding that speaking slowly and repeating instructions can go a long way in providing top-notch service.

An end-to-end service.

In addition to providing our technology solution, our dedicated expert team can help design and even operate your entire service including:

  • Vehicle leasing, branding, and maintenance.
  • Driver recruiting and training.
  • Phone support
  • Reporting capabilities and tools with different exporting options for billing purposes.
  • Optimized routing and rider experience, vehicle tracking, performance metrics, shift management, and more.

Via has been fantastic. It’s probably the best provider I have worked with. Whenever we call, whenever we write, whenever we have some glitch or issue or whatever — which we’re going to have because we’re doing something that's never been done before and we expected that — the support has been really, really wonderful.”

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