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As you know, creating school bus routes is complex and resource-intensive in normal years, but with COVID-19 it feels nearly impossible.

Across your state, many districts think buying additional buses and spending endless hours on manual route generation is the only solution to this dilemma, but Via can help you utilize your existing fleet better, right now.

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If your districts share anonymized data with us, we can run it though our routing optimization algorithms and quickly provide ready-to-go routing and route manifests.

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A complex set of needs.

Manual and resource-intensive routing processes.

Although not typically well-equipped to create routes from scratch, school districts nonetheless spend weeks laboriously creating routes for the new school year.

Added complexities associated with COVID-19 measures.

Blended learning schedules, varied school session times and other COVID-19 mitigation requirements make routing even more complex than ever.

The belief that you have to (over) invest in new physical assets.

Social distancing requirements drastically reduce bus capacity, leading many districts to believe they need to purchase additional buses.

We can help.

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Automatic routing algorithm.

Via’s system generates bus routes for an entire district in a single click — allowing districts to dramatically save on manual resources.

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Optimize for new restrictions.

Via’s algorithm takes complex restrictions and guidelines into account, and optimizes routes accordingly.

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Better leveraging what already exists.

Via’s smart, optimized routing allows districts to maximize their existing bus and driver fleet and limit — or even reduce — the need for additional investment

Optimizing your school bus routing.

The New York City school district will gain access to Via’s algorithm, which will help it optimize the city’s bus routes on a daily basis. The algorithm will help bus drivers be able to respond to conditions like road work, traffic, and rough weather, which can cause delays ... Parents and students will be able to track the location of their bus in real time, ask questions, and receive updates through an app.”

Ready to brainstorm how to create safe, efficient, and flexible transit options for students in districts across your state?

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