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Helping America’s rural communities move.

Providing enjoyable, reliable, and accessible transportation to your community doesn’t have to be complicated.

Microtransit, on-demand transportation, rideshare — no matter what you call it, it’s not new. Shared, demand-responsive transportation has been around for decades. We’re just here to make it more cost-effective, more convenient, and more tailored to your community’s particular transportation challenges. This simply means a layer of technology on top of what you’re already doing to make your team’s work easier, while delivering a top-notch experience for your drivers and riders.


A natural upgrade. Fuss not included.

While we’re happy to operate your entire system top-to-bottom, we can also implement smart solutions as an extension of what you’re already doing on the ground. Pair our world-class tech with your dedicated team of operational experts, and poof — you’ve got a custom-built transit solution.


Easy to implement. Even easier to use.

We want to shock you with how easy it is for you to adopt microtransit in your community. Launch can happen in days — yes, days — which means drivers and riders will reap benefits quickly. Booking a ride (in mere seconds) through your own dedicated app is just icing on the cake.


Goodbye, paper schedules. Good riddance, manual reporting.

There’s no need to keep doing things the hard way. We make driver scheduling easy and provide automated monthly reports of all required NTD metrics. You’ll also receive raw data on all completed passenger trips and driver shifts.


Quality of life, improved in an instant.

Simply put, we are in this business to make transportation more equitable and fair for everyone. For those who depend on public transit to access work, health care, and loved ones, microtransit is that critical bridge to a more connected community.


Our rural zones are very interesting because a lot of the time, those areas don’t have access to Uber, Lyft, taxis, or anything. So in urban environments, you might have those things you can use as a backup, but in some of our rural or suburban areas, those options just aren’t there.

Wilson NC

Via in Wilson, NC

  • The City of Wilson, North Carolina, (pop. 49,439) partnered with Via to replace outdated fixed routes with an entirely on-demand network: RIDE.
  • Wilsonians have the option to book by app, web portal, or phone, and can pay with either credit cards or prepaid debit cards.
  • RIDE launched in September 2020 and has already seen ridership numbers measuring more than 3.5× those of Wilson’s fixed route bus ridership, during COVID-19.
  • The Federal Transit Administration recently awarded Wilson a $250K Accelerating Innovative Mobility grant, to fund service expansion.
Photo of bus in Manor

Via in Manor, TX

  • In 2019, Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) chose Via to replace an underperforming fixed route service in Manor, Texas — a town of 8,800 residents.
  • In the first three months, the new on-demand service, Pickup, increased vehicle utilization rates by four times.
  • Pickup Manor delivers roughly 500 rides per day and County Commissioners have approved adding a third bus to Manor’s fleet, to meet ever-increasing rider demand.
  • Pickup is funded by a 1% sales tax, collected by the City of Manor, and Travis County, which covers the cost of operating Pickup in the unincorporated portions of the five square mile service area.

Designed specifically for your community.

Tech isn’t one-size-fits-all and our approach is collaborative: We’ll combine your intimate knowledge of your community’s needs with our industry-leading technology and on-demand expertise. Whether you simply need a tech-enabled upgrade to an existing service or want us to bring in the drivers and vehicles so we can build something from scratch, we’ll work together as partners to continuously improve service performance and cost-efficiency, while achieving high levels of rider satisfaction.

Still don’t believe it’ll work? We’ve done this successfully hundreds of times — 80 million rides and counting. We’d love to show you.

elderly woman at bus stop

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