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How to successfully launch and grow an on-demand service

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In Episode II of Via’s Webinar Series, we build on our discussion of service design foundations from Episode I, focusing on how to successfully launch an on-demand transportation service that riders will love. We will also dive into the importance of interpreting service data to inform marketing, promotion, and quality of service calibrations in order to achieve your service goals.

Join experts Ben Hague (Via Partnerships Principal, Australia & New Zealand) and Dave Wall (Via Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand) for a discussion on what makes a successful launch, as they highlight how to:

  • Choose the right type of vehicle for your on-demand transport service.
  • Select appropriate fares for the service to encourage optimal use.
  • Plan and implement the initial launch, marketing activities and promotions. 
  • Implement effective monitoring and service calibration activities to ensure that ridership, utilization, and customer experience goals are achieved.


Ben Hague

Partnerships Principal 
Via Australia and New Zealand 

Dave Wall

Country Manager 
Via Australia and New Zealand