Hybrid Employee Transport

How to handle employee transport for a hybrid workforce.

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Post-pandemic, workplace flexibility is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s a must. Fixed-route shuttles were built for the days of a constant 9 to 5, but don’t address irregular commute patterns. Offering employees a hassle-free commute regardless of their routine is a simple way to attract top talent, while also achieving sustainability goals, minimizing on-site congestion, and reducing reliance on limited parking infrastructure. Not to mention that, for shift workers without access to their own cars, reliable transportation to job sites is necessary to ensure operations keep running smoothly.


Via has developed demand-responsive, closed shuttle networks to move employees to, from, and within massive industrial complexes, company headquarters in some of the densest cities in the world, and high-tech suburban office parks. Download this guide to review how three Global Fortune 500 companies are responding to changed employee expectations with this nimble transportation model.