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On-Demand Transport: Creative transportation solutions in the wake of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 crisis is disrupting life as we knew it and quickly creating a new normal. For public transportation, in particular, restrictions and city lockdowns continue to impact regular travel as communities adhere to very real concerns over physical distancing. But as we begin to think about what life will look like in the months to come, including life after COVID-19, we can see this as an opportunity to think through immediate changes that will impact our future, starting with a positive change in how we move.


Join Ben Hague, Via’s Partnership Principal for Australia and New Zealand; Austin Blackburn, GoCoach’s Managing Director (UK); and Jeremy Dickson, Environment Canterbury’s Manager for Public Transport Business Services (New Zealand) for a conversation on real ways communities can and are utilizing on-demand transportation solutions during COVID-19 that will translate to better transit in the future. Learn more about:

    • How we can view current transit challenges as an opportunity for setting up more efficient transportation for the future.
    • Ways cities and operators are already providing better transit solutions for their essential services, and how that’s preparing them for more efficient transportation in the months to come.
    • Real-life success stories: GoCoach in the UK, MyWay in New Zealand, and others.
    • Innovative on-demand transportation strategies that should continue in the wake of COVID-19 to reduce carbon emissions, while also lowering costs and increasing efficiency.


Austin Blackburn

Managing Director

GoCoach, United Kingdom

Jeremy Dickson

Manager Public Transport Business Services & Improvement
Environment Canterbury, New Zealand

Ben Hague

Partnership Principal
Via Australia and New Zealand