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Via Logistics provides end-to-end technology that will enable you to serve more customers with fewer vehicle miles traveled. There’s a lot that goes into last-mile deliveries — route planning, managing a fleet, and dispatching to customers — and we are here to help.

With millions of tasks per month under our belt and 500+ partnerships around the globe, our advanced delivery platform can do what no other platform can: manage deliveries seamlessly, allowing you to have full control and visibility into your operation while keeping customer satisfaction top of mind.

The benefits of a comprehensive platform.

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Increase efficiency — and your revenue.

Launch, scale, and digitize your delivery service, while reducing costs with better fleet utilization, combined same-day and next-day deliveries, and an automatic route planner.

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Provide a best-in-class customer experience.

Provide customers with a seamless, and worry-free experience with every delivery, building satisfaction, and loyalty.

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Monitor and manage your service in real-time.

Have control over your service with visibility into the status and location of your deliveries, and seamless communication tools.

Everything you need for your last-mile delivery service.

A deep dive into what Via Logistics can do for you.

Product visibility

Full visibility for your team, and for your customers.

Give your customers peace of mind by allowing them to track their orders in real-time through a live interface, where they’ll also be able to coordinate delivery details and receive confirmation that the order has been completed.

There’s more — Via enables seamless communication between operators and drivers to guarantee smooth deliveries, and allows your operations team to have a live, detailed view of your fleet and the status of all ongoing deliveries or upcoming orders.

Increase productivity and revenues.

Let’s make your routes more efficient and maximize the number of deliveries you can complete. With Via Logistics’ advanced dispatching algorithm and dynamic route planner, you’ll reduce the number of miles driven and be able to provide the most accurate delivery times in the market.

Product operation
Delivery planning

Make same-day and next-day planning easy.

Keeping track of your orders and schedules, and managing all routes can be a challenge. And with same-day deliveries becoming the new standard, you’ll need a tool that can seamlessly combine same-day and next-day deliveries, automatically plan efficient routes, and allow for manual overrides when needed. Our technology does just that, helping you provide a better service and timely deliveries without making your work more difficult.

Optimize for when life gets in the way.

A big part of optimizing routes is taking real-time conditions into account and adapting quickly. Via Logistics’ algorithm factors in traffic and detours allowing us to route your drivers efficiently and make sure they never miss a delivery.

Route optimization

Easy integrations. Smooth launches.

We ensure an easy and efficient transition into the Via Logistics platform. Through an API, our platform can integrate with all your current tools — website, CRM, and inventory management system allowing your service to be up and running quickly.

Logistics integration
ViaViewer Browser

Take a peek into your last-mile delivery service with the Via Logistics simulator.

Our sophisticated simulation engine combines our algorithm with your unique knowledge, offering you the chance to test the service before launching. Once you see it in action, you’ll feel confident that our system is optimizing for every delivery at any time of day.

Whether you are taking your first steps in the delivery market or looking to grow and automate your operations, we are ready to partner with you and help your service stand out.

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